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Fat Jimmy Custom 20
Fat Jimmy Custom 20
Fat Jimmy Custom 20
Fat Jimmy Custom 20

Fat Jimmy Custom 20

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The Custom 20 has been called Fat Jimmy's answer to the Deluxe Reverb, but this is NO Fender DR clone!! The Custom 20 would be in the same class as a DR as it delivers approximately 22w of all tube power into a single 12" speaker with reverb and vibrato. The Custom 20 has been described as a more muscular amp than the Deluxe Reverb, or a DR on steroids. You get more muscle, more 'beef,' more clean sustain, more touch sensitivity, better note blossom, intuitive response, richer harmonic content, creamier overdrive, etc, etc, etc.

The first channel is voiced with a tweed style preamp for a thicker, beefy, more aggressive channel with more midrange emphasis and slightly earlier breakup than the second classic channel. The second 'classic' channel delivers what is expected by the blackface player, but also borrows from the brownface era. This gives you a different treble response, allowing you a greater treble range than the standard blackface preamp. You can get both more AND less treble than your typical BF preamp. The ability to dial back treble is ideal for those players who find the blackface amps too bright. The Jimmy, reverb and vibrato controls work for both channels.

The Custom 20 can give you everything you might expect from a Deluxe Reverb, and then some. Greg Loiacono (The Mother Hips, The Sensations, Chris Robinson’s Green Leaf Rustlers) picked up a Custom 20 for use with some of his smaller projects, and ended up replacing his 1964 Super Reverb with the Custom 20 in the Mother Hips!! All were pleasantly surprised by this little powerhouse's ability to fill those shoes.

The single Fat Jimmy C1270 speaker sounds incredible paired with this circuit in this size cab, and the bias modulating vibrato is much more natural and organic feeling than your standard blackface style vibrato. All of these aspects align to deliver an absolutely incredible little powerhouse of an amplifier!!


- Approximately 22 watts
- 2 x 6V6 power tubes
- Tube rectifier
- 4 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7 preamp (with NOS 12AT7s standard)
- 2 inputs per channel
- Ch 1 Tweed preamp: volume, treble, bass
- Ch 2 Classic preamp: volume, treble, bass
- 1 x Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 speaker (8 ohm) (AlNiCo upgrade available)


- Custom 20 1x12 Combo, black: $3,199.00