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Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style
Mario T-Style

Mario T-Style

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T-Style - This is the style Mario Guitars first started building. They offer this model mainly in a '50s or '60s style, and the options are many.

When the T-Style hit the market in the 1950s it revolutionized the way guitar music was played. The T-style is elegantly simple while also being remarkably versatile. This classic guitar style has graced the shoulders of Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Merle Haggard and many, many more.

Mario offers this model mainly in a 50s or 60s style, and the options are many; play around with different pick-up configurations and make a T that is totally just for you. Go classically twangy or add humbuckers for a crunch, there is no wrong way to enjoy playing this magnificent instrument.

Comments received on Mario T Style guitars
“My Mario Tele style is the shit! I have played Fender CS, GVCG, Danocaster, you name it – and the Mario tele beats them all in sound, weight, and looks. Keep up the great work!!” - Jeffrey T.

“Your relic T styles are to die for! So what is your technique for getting the stress cracks in your finish? Very nicely done and extremely believable. Probably the best I've seen. Oh and the nicks are artwork” - Brent G.

“For Teles there is no one you guys compete with. Awesome! The best! It is unbelievable how you guys finish a guitar!!!!!!!” - Kenneth C.

“I gotta did you simulate the temperature checking? All the other builders guitars look like they used a compressed air spray can, and the checking is all uneven 'spider webbing.”' Mario, your finish checking looks REAL!!!” - Mark D.

“All other Tele builders need to take lessons from you Mario!” - Jordan D.

“Played one of your Teles today at a guitar center - all I can say is AMAZING! Love how you offer NON-RELICS as well as the beat up ones!” - Hayden S.


- Aged or non-aged
- Body wood: alder, swamp ash, paulownia, or pine
- Maple neck
- Maple or rosewood fingerboard
- 25-1/2" scale - 21 frets
- 9.5" radius
- 6105 frets
- Soft 'V' shape
- Staggered Gotoh Kluson tuners
- Compensated brass saddle bridge
- Custom wound - Lindy Fralin PU’s
- 4 way switching
- Nitrocellulose lacquer
- D'Addario .010-.046
- Deluxe hardshell case (G&G or TKL)
- Certificate of authenticity

- Base price: $3,549.00 (price include deluxe, padded, "Mario Guitars" embroidered gig bag and Certificate of Authenticity)

Body upgrades
- Paulownia body: +$45.00
- Mahogany body: +$45.00
- 1 piece body: +$95.00
- Body binding: +$130.00 per side
- Checkerboard body binding: +$395.00 per side
- Thinline/semi hollowbody option: +$100.00

Top wood upgrades for thinline/semi-hollow
- Flame or quilt maple: +$65.00
- AAA flame maple: +$100.00

Finish upgrades
- Custom color match: +$150.00
- Candies: +$80.00
- Metal flake: +$170.00
- Finish OVER finish: +$150.00

Neck upgrades
- ¼ sawn: +$65.00 (included on all flame necks)
- Roasted maple: +$75.00
- Birds eye maple: +$85.00
- AAA birds eye: +$150.00
- Flame: +$50.00
- AAA flame: +$150.00
- Mahogany: +$25.00

Fingerboard upgrades
- Birds eye: +$35.00
- Veneer board: +$50.00
- Flame maple: +$25.00
- AAA flame maple: +$100.00
- Ebony: +$45.00
- Madagascar rosewood: +$45.00
- Brazilian rosewood: +$275.00

Finish and miscellaneous neck upgrades
- Painted headstock (to match body): +$125.00
- MOP dots: +$25.00
- Abalone dots: +$25.00
- Custom neck profile/back-shape measurements: +$35.00 (per measurement)
- 22 frets: +$35.00
- Block & binding: +$260.00
- Block inlay only: +$150.00
- Binding only: +$110.00
- Tape/scrape (necks w/ binding getting finish): +$90.00
- SS Frets: +$100.00 (due to expense of fretwire, and extra wear and tear on tools)

Miscellaneous upgrades
- Mastery bridge/tremolo: +$350.00 ($150 for just either/or)
- Spitfire tortoise pickguard: +$300.00
- Brazilian rosewood: +$275.00
- Hand scalloped fretboard: +$350.00