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Tex Bernie
Tex Bernie

Tex Bernie

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- Approx. 20 watts
- Tubes: EZ81, 2xEL84, 2xECC83 (tremolo 3xECC83)
- Has larger filter caps and is less bright "no bright cap" and little more clean headroom than CC
- Custom made N/C aluminium chassis and plexi panel
- All hand-wired PTP circuit board and silver teflon wire
- Each component selected for its quality, tone and construction
- All caps used are NOS Philips mustard & paper in oil military spec
- Custom designed and hand-made Heyboer power and output transformers
- Speaker: Celestion G10N-40
- Dimensions: 18"w x 16"h 8"-9"d


- Bernie 10" in Black-Fawn finish: $2,365.00