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Tex Bernie
Tex Bernie Grey

Tex Bernie Grey

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IN STOCK IN GREY (photos show black version)

The Texosound Bernie model is a descendant of a handful of amps that an elusive Canadian engineer named Bernie Raunig crafted from the chassis and transformers of Bell & Howell Filmosound projectors several years ago, but in Tony Teixeira's hands this template has evolved into something very much its own thing. In short, it was translated by Teixeira from a diamond in the rough with rats-nest wiring and largely cheap consumer-grade components to a shiny completed diamond in an intricately crafted setting, done out with the best parts its maker can lay his hands on.

This petite combo puts out around 20 watts courtesy of a pair of EL84 output tubes, with two ECC83s (aka 12AX7s) in the preamp and phase inverter, and an EZ81 rectifier tube. Add it up, and the blueprint will ring bells with any players familiar with small-to-medium-sized British amps of the late '50s and early '60s, although this wee combo is likely put together more robustly than any of those 'student models' ever were, and is capable of some surprisingly pounding output too.

- Approx. 20 watts
- Two EL84 output, EZ81 rectifier, (2) ECC83 preamp tubes
- Custom made N/C aluminium chassis & plexi panel
- All hand-wired PTP circuit board & silver teflon wire
- Each component selected for its quality, tone and construction
- All caps used are NOS Philips mustard & paper in oil military spec
- Custom designed & hand-made Heyboer power and output transformers
- Smooth cover options: Passport Blue, Gray or British Racing Green
- Speaker 1x10" Celestion G10N-40
- Dimensions 18" x 16" x 9"
- Includes master volume


- Bernie 10" in Grey finish: $3,400.00