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B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa
B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa

B&G Step Sister Private Build Koa

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The Step Sister platform offers a number of possible variations, to suit the widest variety of musical tastes and playing style, from the rawest rock to the most sophisticated jazz & fusion styles. Her look shall be appropriate for the player who chooses her.

Some players look for an elegant, even luxurious appearance, where the sheer beauty of the exotic woods is key. The Step Sister Koa model is designed for these players. She will offer the exceptional B&G tone and playability, but will also shine for the superior class wood selection and for some exclusive finishing touches.
The top is just extraordinary, made with a building technique developed at B&G. The solid maple blank is recessed to host a 2mm overlay in Hawaiian koa, that 'sinks' into the top, leaving just enough maple on the outer edges, for a natural binding effect. The solid headstock comes with a matching koa overlay.
So as not to shadow the beauty of the guitar's wood selection, the Step Sister PB Koa is only available in natural nitro finish. As with all the Step Sisters, she can be ordered with either P90, Kikbuckers or humbuckers pickups. The proprietary brass hardware is lacquered, to preserve its shine.

B&G Private Build guitars are hand-built using the traditional techniques of the "golden era" of electric lutherie, delivering a vintage feel, look and sound right out of the case.

Glue is one of the critical elements in the building of a guitar. Traditional hide glue for the neck joint, fish glue for the frets and urea formaldehyde for the top all crystalize like glass when dry and create a substantially thinner layer between the different parts. These glues allow for optimal string energy transfer -- significantly better than modern synthetic glues can achieve.

Single rod, one-way truss-rods are lighter and require a smaller channel in the neck. This building technique also requires neck woods that are perfectly aged and accurate installation of the truss-rod. Private Build B&G guitars only use this specific truss-rod design for improved tone transfer and sustain.

The vintage recipe for the best looking, thinnest and most resonant finish, is still the best one. Nothing compares to an adequately sprayed and buffed traditional nitrocellulose lacquer, the only finish that ages together with the wood, becoming thinner over time, merging into the wood molecules and allowing them to vibrate freely.

Private Build pickups are developed and hand-wound in-house, to ensure that specific nuance of vintage tone. P90s, Kikbuckers or humbuckers either potted or unpotted based on AlNiCo magnets and 42AWG lacquered enamel copper wire are voiced to perfection. Even the brass cover is included in the tone equation and, together with all the other aspects, allows for the unparalleled airy warm and organic tone of a B&G guitar.

Brass is a beautiful metal for guitar hardware. It offers a great tranferring function of the entire frequency spectrum without sounding too metallic. This is the reason why B&G manufactures the bridge by milling a solid block of brass, yet another B&G exclusive feature.

The B&G solid brass tailpiece is built to resonate, delivering a world of overtones just like a natural reverb. A piece of jewelry conceived to look just as good as it sounds.

The vintage-sized frets are precisely installed on the fingerboard using the historic "rule of 18" (24-3/4 scale) to ensure the comfortable playability that only a vintage instrument is able to deliver.

The Step Sister is all about playability. While keeping the classic 24-3/4" scale length, the neck joins the body at the 16th fret and the fingerboard grows to 22 frets. Available in the Cutaway version only, it grants easy and comfortable access to the upper freets for the most advanced rock, jazz, fusion and blues playing styles.

The neck joint affects the access to the upper registers significantly. The Step Sister sports a neck heel that grants the maximum transfer function of the string vibrations while virtually disappearing under the hands of the player, allowing the most comfortable reach up to the 22nd fret.

Koa is a magnificently figured wood, indigenous to the Hawaiin islands. For this special version of the Step Siste B&G sinks the most beautiful koa overlay into the solid maple tops. The infintesimal thickness of the urea-formadehyde glue layer bonds the koa veneer perfectly to the maple top, greatly enriching the look and tone of the Step Sister koa.

To complete the stunning look of the Step Sister Private Build Koa, the headstock is overlaid with a matching koa headplate for one truly head-turning guitar.

Each B&G Private Build instrument needs time from start to finish. The guitar will need weeks to evolve from beginning the assembly of different wooden pieces to becoming a unique, vibrant, resonant entity. B&G instruments are built to last more than a lifetime; the 3 to 4 months needed to complete each one are definitely well worth the wait.


- Construction: solid
- Body thickness: 1.75" / 4.45cm
- Body length: 17.2" / 43.7cm
- Body width: 13" / 33cm
- Back wood: one-piece African mahogany
- Top wood: koa and maple

- Nut: TUSQ
- Scale length: 24 3/4"
- Fingerboard radius: 12"
- Neck joint: @ fret 16
- Frets: 22
- Neck wood: Honduran mahogany
- Fingerboard: pau ferro
- Fretwire: nickel-silver, width 0.080", crown 0.050"
- Inlay: pearloid
- Truss rod: traditional one-way, spoke wheel nut
- Headstock: solid, koa head-plate

- Tailpiece: solid brass B&G
- Bridge: B&G solid brass ABR
- Pickguard: brass
- Tuning machines: Gotoh
- Strings: Ernie Ball 0.10-0.46

- Potentiometers: CTS 500k
- Toggle switch: Switchcraft 3-way
- Jack: Switchcraft
- Wiring: 50s style

- Total: 7.7 - 8.8 lbs / 3500-4000 gr

- Total: 38.9" / 987mm

- Type: nitrocellulose natural

Custom Options:
- Orientation: left-handed, right-handed
- Nut width: standard 1.68", wide 1.75"
- Neck thickness @ fret 1: standard 0.89", slim 0.86"
- Neck thickness @ fret 10: standard 0.96", slim 0.91"
- Neck shape: B&G soft V, custom
- Pickups: B&G hand-wound P90s, B&G hand-wound humbuckers, B&G hand-wound Kikbuckers
- Wax potting: unpotted, potted
- Control layout: switch-volume-tone (default), volume-volume-tone (by request)