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B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251
B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251
B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251
B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251
B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251
B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251
B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251
B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251
B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251

B&G Little Sister Crossroads Standard #251

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The B&G Little Sister has been the biggest selling guitar in the history of Destroy All Guitars. Now, B&G has created the Crossroads, a model with all the goodness and vibe of the Little Sister at a price that is accessible to all.

Following the tremendous success and recognition of the Little Sister®, B&G wanted to create a new version of the guitar that could be accessible to all players. With careful work and determination, they started developing the Crossroads series - an Asia-manufactured variant of the Little Sister that offers classic B&G looks and construction at a more affordable cost. While some specs had to change, B&G did not compromise on their quest for tone.

The Little Sister Crossroads series needed to be built from quality tone-woods: African mahogany body and neck, katalox fingerboard, and solid maple top. In order to keep the wood alive and resonant, they chose the thinnest modern finish available - UV. Factory-made solid brass hardware made it possible to maintain the familiar look and similar tonal qualities as the original Little Sister.
In order to provide customers with the best value, B&G needed to streamline the production. This is why they offer the Crossroads in only two colors and without any custom options. The guitar is fully compatible with B&G's Private Build hand-wound pickups and solid brass bridge, for those who wish to upgrade further down the road.

The Little Sister Crossroads turned out to be everything B&G expected and more - a gorgeous, enchanting instrument that will inspire you to play nonstop.

The Little Sister design is a reinterpretation of the pre-war acoustics. B&G's goal was to create a classic yet fresh and unique instrument, as easy and cozy to play as those almost mythical guitars. Hence the neck joint at the 14th fret, the slotted headstock, and the classic non-cutaway body shape.

The carved, chambered body, in African mahogany, delivers unique acoustic features. It reaches a delicate balance between body resonance and resistance to feedback that delivers an organic, vocal quality to the sound, and an almost tactile, responsive playing feel. The guitar is by consequence feather-light, without any compromise on her stability and strength.

The Little Sister Non-Cutaway has a thicker body (2") to project a warmer, more acoustic tone. The cutaway version is thinner (1 3/4") and has a slightly more direct and focused, somehow more electric tone.

The B&G solid brass tailpiece is built to resonate, delivering a world of overtones just like a natural reverb. A piece of jewelry conceived to look just as good as it sounds.


- Serial #: CR190500251
- Construction: chambered
- Body thickness, cutaway: 1.75" / 4.45cm
- Body length: 17.7" / 45cm
- Body width: 13" / 33cm
- Back wood: African mahogany
- Top wood: solid figured maple

- Nut width: 1.68" / 42.8mm standard
- Nut: TUSQ
- Neck thickness @ fret 1: standard 0.89"
- Neck thickness @ fret 10: standard 0.96"
- Scale length: 24 3/4"
- Fingerboard radius: 12"
- Neck joint: @ fret 14
- Neck wood: one-piece Indonesian mahogany
- Fingerboard: Mexican royal ebony (katalox)
- Fretwire: nickel-silver, width 0.080", crown 0.050"
- Inlay: pearloid
- Neck shape: soft V
- Truss rod: two-way, spoke wheel nut
- Headstock: slotted peghead

- Tailpiece: solid brass
- Bridge: ABR
- Pickup covers: solid brass
- Tuning machines: B&G Delta
- Strings: D-Addario 0.10-0.46

- Pickups: P90s, made to B&G specs
- Potentiometers: linear 500k
- Toggle switch: 3-way
- Jack: Switchcraft
- Wiring: 50s style

- Total, cutaway: 6.4 - 7.5 lbs / 2900-3400 gr

- Total: 37.52" / 953mm

- Type: UV-cured ploy, Tobacco Burst