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BRBS 100 Custom Super Overdrive
BRBS 100 Custom Super Overdive
BRBS 100 Custom Super Overdive

BRBS 100 Custom Super Overdive

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The BRBS 100 Custom Super Overdrive is the ultimate rock tube amp!

Featuring 3 independent channels and additional switches to control and craft the sound, it allows playing all the genres and styles you want. Within every setup it delivers authentic, rich sounds full of dynamics while accurately responding to your playing and touch. From neat, warm yet concrete sounds to powerful distortions, the BRBS 100 provides all the iconic rock sounds you've always heard on records, with high definition, precision, and personality that only come from an artisanal product.

- Power: 100/50 watt (pentode/triode)
- Controls: Presence, Depth, Master Volume
- Valves: 4 x EL34 (available with 6L6, KT66, and KT88)

- Channels: 3 channels with separate equalisers and volume controls
- EQ: clean with independent equalisation, hared EQ for Crunch and Lead
- Valves: 6 x 12AX7

- Effects loop: series and parallel all tube loop with mix control
- Pedals: standard footwitch (or MIDI on request)
- Dimensions: 72.5 x 24 x 25.5 cm
- Weight: 21 kg

- Custom color/type of tolex: +$100
- Added midi controls: +$175 (if not standard)
- Reactive load + DI output: +$275 (if not standard)
- 6L6 tubes instead of EL34: +$75

(30 days to delivery from order)