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Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway
Wide Sky P125 Cutaway

Wide Sky P125 Cutaway

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After having made only acoustic guitars for years Patch Rubin decided he wanted to branch out and make electrics too. The P125 is the first to be added to the Wide Sky family. Inspired by his love of Gibsons, the P125 is sort of a cross between the old ES125 3/4 and a Les Paul. Patch finished the first P125 just in time to be in the Boutique Guitar Showcase at 2018's Summer NAMM and it just happened to find its way onto Reverb's "Coolest Guitars at SNAMM" list!

The P125 is a versatile small bodied electric guitar, built to deliver that gritty old electric blues rock sound that Patch loves so much and finished to look the part as well. It's more than that though and like he's learned with how people are using the PL1 model he's sure this will go easily all over the musical map.

You have a choice of pickups from master boutique builder Arcane Inc: P-90s or humbuckers, both cloned off of pickups from 1957. With the P-90s you can howl but also dial in a really great warm jazz tone. The humbuckers get a cleaner, more transparent tone to work with and the two volume knobs are push/pull pots so you can split the coils on each humbucker adding a whole other layer of tonal possibilities. Patch has connected the tone pots with replica Bumblebee capacitors from Emerson. They are wired 50s style, meaning the tone controls receive their signal from the output of the volume pot, rather than the input. The position of the volume pot affects the tone control, so the tone will change as you increase the volume.

"He's really gone all the way to making this to be the absolute best version of that sort of Americana, classic, rootsy, bluesy sort of guitar that he can. He clearly understands this in a way that I haven't seen before; I've seen others try and do guitars in this area and seem to stylistically miss the mark. The feel is here, the sound is here, the design is here. Really a fantastic modern classic rendition." – Jamie Gale, curator of The Boutique Guitar Showcase


- Top wood: carved maple
- Body: chambered sapele
- Body length: 17-1/4"
- Total length: 38-1/2"
- Upper bout width: 8-7/8"
- Lower bout width: 12-3/4"
- Waist: 7"
- Body depth: 1-3/8"
- Weight: 6.8 lbs
- Neck: mahogany
- Fretboard: ebony bound
- Fret markers and side dots: black pearl
- Width at bone nut: 1-11/16"
- Scale: 24.562"
- Radius: 12"
- # of frets: 22, neck joins the body at the 16th
- Trussrod: 2 way
- Potentiometers: CTS and Alpha
- Capacitors: Emerson Bumblebee
- Toggle and jack: Switchcraft
- Bridge: Shroeder Hardware
- Tailpiece: aged nickel trapeze
- Tuners: Golden Age Restoration
- Color: hand rubbed tobacco burst
- Finish: Osmo PolyX
- Strings: hand wound from Gabriel Tenorio
- Case: TKL hardshell