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Metropoulos: Stop ! Look & Listen

Metropoulos Metro-Plex MK II

Metropoulos Amplification is back and bigger and better than ever. George’s new lineup of amps will change the way you hear and play rock music forever. For the past decade George has been working on a system that allows him to make spot-on fully ANALOG EMULATIONS of any classic rock amp where in A/B testing you cannot discern the difference between which amp he is playing through. In his video and sound demos, you will see and hear this. While switching amp heads in the middle of a ringing chord or a singing single note, you will not hear any discernable difference. In fact, you will lose track of which amp you are actually hearing.

His new flagship model, the METRO-PLEX MKII gives you the ability to switch between two of the most iconic Marshall Plexi amps of all time. You can switch between 1968 Superlead serial # 12380 or serial # 12301 which appeared on many tens of millions of records sold throughout the world. It belonged to a young player who came blazing out the clubs on Sunset Strip and who changed the way the world perceived, heard and played rock guitar forever. Sadly he is no longer with us but you can own the most faithful emulation of his tone possible with the METRO-PLEX MKII ($3,499).

...and if that isn’t enough for you, just wait till you hear George’s new outstanding opto based master volume (one for each channel). It is unlike any other master volume circuit in the world and bears no resemblance to any existing Master. It is completely transparent and preserves your exact tone from .5 to 12 on the dial. You can play at any volume without any tone degradation whatsoever. We already have several of the bigger companies wanting to purchase or license George’s new Master technology as well as his Lossless Loop technology. George certainly has developed some game changing technology and it can now be yours.

We are no longer accepting deposits on this or any of the new Metropoulos lineup, but we ARE accepting names for the sales list.

All you need to do is to select the model you want and place its name in the subject line of an email which must include your full name, your phone contact, email contact and shipping address and send it to Your name will then go on a list and you’ll have a secured slot with no deposit necessary for the moment.

Below are the links to 3 video demos of the new METRO-PLEX MKII:

This is a career defining moment for George Metropoulos and there is much more to come as he is putting together his list of additional landmark amps that he is going to create emulations of……Stay tuned.

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