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Why Buy From Us?

We ARE boutique
DestroyAllGuitars is like a traditional record company's A&R team, but for guitar and amp builders instead of musicians. Our goal is to search out the best talent and find the finest guitar related products in the world and give the buyer the very best sales experience and buyer protection possible while nurturing the immensely talented luthiers/builders that make all of this possible. You can rest assured that when you visit our website you are viewing some of the hottest work being done in the boutique guitar and amp world and that we will represent both our luthiers/builders AND our customers equally.

We guarantee you the LOWEST PRICES allowed by the manufacturer
It is DAG's strict policy to sell at the guitar or amp builder's minimum allowed price with no hidden costs anywhere. Our prices are given to us by the guitar and amp builders themselves. This is true whether you are buying from our huge in-house inventory of guitars and amps or for a purchase that is drop-shipped directly from the builder or for a custom ordered instrument.

We believe we are offering the most complete lineup of boutique instruments available in one place. We even carry a selection of non-US producers of guitars and amps (we do all the currency conversions so you don't have to!). It is certainly true that NO store can carry all the boutique guitars available in the world but we are coming closer to that than most.

There are guitars and amps here you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE
We often work with our collective of builders to develop custom creations, one-offs and DAG co-branded models. That means that some items from our builders can only be bought here. Just look for the "exclusive to DAG" phrase and you'll know that you are viewing a special DAG co-creation.

DestroyAllGuitars TAKES CARE of its builders
The guitar and amp builders that work with DestroyAllGuitars are true artisans, and DestroyAllGuitars recognizes the profound value in nurturing them. We don't just flip guitars--we develop RELATIONSHIPS. We offer our builders support and assistance in a myriad of ways, from career management to product development. We invest in their businesses and their lives so they can do their very best work, ensuring that there will continue to be incredible boutique instruments being developed for many years to come. When you buy from DestroyAllGuitars you make the whole boutique guitar industry stronger.

We create MINI WEBSITES for each of our builders
Where other guitar stores are guitar-centric we are builder-centric. DestroyAllGuitars takes on the task of providing a mini website for each of our builders so you can see at a glance the full range of what they offer. Having this makes your life easier and is a great thing for our builders as well. The DAG website is absolutely vast because of our builder sections and this maximizes your decision making power.

DestroyAllGuitars represents CUSTOM COMMISSIONS
You know you can purchase existing guitars from our inventory, or order from our builders' model lineups but we also offer a third route to your dream guitar--custom commissions. Many of our builders are just waiting for a special project to dig their teeth into and DAG offers priority handling of these scenarios. We can even offer the opportunity to get a jump on slots that we have pre-purchased from our builders so you can experience shorter wait times for your custom dream guitar.

We offer A LAYER OF SAFETY when placing custom orders
Destroy All Guitars is your best avenue for placing custom orders with a luthier/builder of your choice. Whenever you place a custom order for a boutique guitar a deposit is required. If something goes wrong with the transaction we are there to help iron things out and protect your deposit from outright loss. This allows you to enjoy the friendliest possible relationship with the luthier/builder while your guitar is being built. We manage the risk so you don't have to!

DestroyAllGuitars makes GREAT VIDEOS
We have been going to great lengths to build a massive library of videos to demo our guitars and amps. We hire great performers so you can hear and see our inventory in a full band context AND in intelligent one-on-one sessions. Since we don't have a commercial storefront this is our way of putting you up close and personal with our guitars and amps.

Our expertise is FREE
Cliff Cultreri is a music industry icon who's guitar knowledge is panoramic (you can read more about him here). When you call or write us at DAG you get the benefit of Cliff's knowledge, experience, and expert assistance in commissioning guitars. We really redefine the notion of the customer relationship and the great thing about it is there is no charge for this.

OUR NAME is awesome
No, we don't sit around smashing guitars in our basement but we do feel that our selection of boutique instruments destroys the main-stream factory-based competition. The logic may be subtle but the sentiment is pure rock n roll. DestroyAllGuitars has established itself as the home of the boutique guitar renaissance for a reason. So take your time and stay a while. A world of incredible innovation awaits you.