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"Cliff is my tone guru. He knows amps and guitars better than anyone, and I trust his recommendations when it comes to equipment. I've known Cliff since '85 and he's always been on the new frontier with both music and gear. He signed me to Relativity back in '86 and since then has continued to help me develop as a solo artist. Now with DestroyAllGuitars on the web we all have a place to go when we need Cliff's advice!" - Joe Satriani

"I was discovered by Frank Zappa but Cliff Cultreri gave me my chance in the music business and if it was not for his instincts, support and encouragement, it's unlikely I would have had a successful music career. When you hear about music business folk lore you hear the fairy tale stories of the one guy that made a difference but was more or less an unsung hero. Cliff was my guardian angel. After countless refusals from virtually every label, Cliff was the only one to take the chance and release my music, giving me a deal that is to this day unequivocally unprecedented in the music business." - Steve Vai

"Cliff is one of a handful of guys on the planet with this amazing combination of encyclopedic knowledge AND artistic experience with electric guitars and amplifiers. He's a player, engineer, A&R whiz, and has produced many (most?) of today's guitar gods. I can't think of a better advocate when searching for unique and uncompromising stringed instruments." - John La Grou, Founder, Millennia Music & Media Systems

"Cliff Cultreri is truly a leader in a field of one. He has assembled the finest group of artisan luthiers and boutique amp builders on the planet in one place, allowing even us mere mortals access to the finest tonesmithing tools available anywhere in the world. If you can dream it, he can procure it. An absolutely mind-boggling selection of custom, hand crafted excellence. Peerless quality. Direct prices. If that in itself isn’t enough, you also get Cliff’s depth of experience and expertise on each and every transaction. He is not only a tone guru of the highest order, he is an absolutely amazing human being. Pick up the phone and talk with him. Let him help you make your dreams come true. He can and he will. Cliff and DAG have changed my musical life forever for the better with “the tools of the trade with tone to the bone.” What a great gift this man has shared with me. I’ll never go anywhere else again. Cliff, I’m elated, I’m in your debt, and I thank you and your incredible collective from the bottom of my heart." - Jimmy “Flyin’” Ryan

"I've been meaning to follow up with you on my new Space Cowboy head. Unbelievable is not a strong enough word for it!!! I could go on for hours ranting about this amp! Wow! I ended up removing the rear panel of my 212 cab with the 65W Creambacks and the best way I can describe it is going from a 2D blueprint to a 3D CAD model! All the tones I've been chasing for the past 20 years are in this amp!

"You were dead nuts right on this amp taking pedals well. I almost sold my Maxon OD808 because I could never get that pedal to sound like I wanted with my other amps. I was going to try a Wampler Clarksdale or Seymour Duncan 803(?), something with more control in the eq. But my 808 just fricken sings with this amp!

"The fullness of the low end and spank up top of the amp is absolutely perfect. When I was running my Strat in bridge/mid position, I always used a comp live to help it cut thru the mix and make up for the slight volume drop, but last weekend I left it off because the guitar just jumped out of the amp! Damn! I would expect more orders from WI this summer as I will be running this as my 'A' rig regardless of venue size!

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase and the advise/support you have provided throughout the sale. Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work Cliff!" - Robert Raflik

"WOW is all I can say. The Metro-Plex is the REAL DEAL. Tone and feel and more tone and more feel. Love it. Thanks George and Cliff!" - Chuck

"I've been meaning to write to you ever since I received my gorgeous David Myka from you. Free time has been limited of late, and pretty much every second of that I have had this guitar in my hand. To say that I am thrilled with it would be such an understatement. It's a great guitar, and I couldn't possibly be happier. I also wanted to thank you - you were easy to talk to, fun and helpful. The whole experience was a dream. There is not one single thing that I would have changed. It's just nice to be reminded that there are such quality people out there in the world, looking out for each other. Thanks. You truly rock, in every sense of the word. I'm sure we'll be in touch again. I'm looking forward to it." - Greg Belanger

"My wife read me your email while I was doing something else and my words were 'Cliff is far and away the best in the business. He is a very special, wonderful human being.' That's gospel for those that have had any dealings with you. Thank you very much. You are ALL THAT and more." - John Harrington

"Well Cliff, it seems that I get nothing less than solid gold from you. As I told you before, with a new guitar I spend quite a bit of time with it acoustically. The Pheo is simply striking regarding its resonance. I was shocked. Perhaps it is that open "sound cavity" under the pickups....rather I think he used a great combo of quality tonewood. I can't imagine how much bigger it would sound with a bigger neck.... it already resonates like crazy." - Raj

"I just wanted to express my appreciation to Cliff. Every time I deal or talk to him I walk away feeling good. Something about the guy is special. He cares about us all. Anyone else have similar feelings?" - KingBoneSlim (gearpage user)

"Wow! I just took delivery of my new Nik Huber Orca from our own Cliff C. at Destroy All Guitars...First, about Cliff: What a great guy who took a fairly complicated trade deal and made it all work. I have been in touch with Cliff for a good part of the year on another, yet to be finalized, guitar transaction and have found him to be nothing less than a great businessman and human being. His word is as solid as granite and he knows guitars better than many luthiers. Kudos and thanks, my friend!" - Mike Grier

"I just wanted to let everybody know that I met Cliff, his wife Patty, and their kids last week....I had dinner with them, the exceptional Jack Briggs, and also my dear friend Eddie Berman. What a great group of folks...and I'll have to say that I was very impressed by Cliff and by his family. Warm, friendly people, who are top notch. I'd encourage anyone to do business with Cliff....and just look at the roster of builders he represents! Amazing!" - Terry McInturff

"Cliff helped me score a holy grail GAS ending guitar and was awesome to deal with." - clint (gearpage user)

"Cliff's patience, insight, knowledge and experiences have really opened my eyes, ears, and heart. Thank you for that! In a country, let alone a world, where there are a multitude of options for today's musician, Cliff's guidance and honesty set the standard that others should strive for." - Jimmyray Hawkins

"Dealing with Cliff I got more than I bargained for. I was looking for a guitar and I got a relationship with someone knowledgeable and caring , who always looks out for my best interest. A real friend." - Greg Saer

"The ultimate in passion and service.....the guy doesn't sleep......" - rgsss14 (gearpage user)

"Gotta say that all of my dealings with Cliff have been the most enjoyable, hassle-free experiences I could have imagined. Cliff Rocks (as they say nowadays)." - George Johnson

"Cliff is a class act all the way. Generous with his time, talent and knowledge. They just don't get any better than him." - skeeterbuck (gearpage user)

"After grabbing a 1/2 hour on the phone w/ Cliff this morning, I was going to start an identical thread. He is always so gracious with his time and vast guitar-related knowledge. Cliff is a gem! Additionally, I experienced what I'd considered to be a significant series of misunderstandings with a builder. Cliff rectified the matter in record speed. He passionately and professionally manages all aspects of his business. I'm just grateful for Cliff all around!" - dwes (gearpage user)

"You know I just wanted to say that you really know how to treat customers or potential customers ...You get back to people in a timely fashion, you answer questions ..etc...I know thats what your supposed to do, but in todays market you dont always get that ..I truely appreciate it and Im sure your other customers do as well ...Looking forward to a looooong relationship ......Thanks... - Dave Ponte

"I have been doing business with Cliff since I bought a couple Bogners from him in '97. Many transactions later I can honestly say that there is nobody I would rather do business with. His knowledge, passion, commitment to time frames, quality of instruments and totally honest communication has resulted in my purchase of some of the best gear I have ever owned and I look forward to buying other guitars and amps as I can. Cliff is the best!" - Steve Snider

"He's definitely the best in this business, as far as I am concerned - and a super-nice guy too!" - Catfish (gearpage user)

"Dear Cliff, every time I get in touch with you I am amazed by the kindness that you show. I am very sorry that you are far, otherwise I would be glad to be share your company (hope my english is correct.....). Nowadays you are for me a lighthouse in the guitar world and I promise that before I buy anything in the future I will first get in touch with you. Ciao," - Roberto

"Having read your other testimonials I'd like to say, I am not Steve Vai, or Holdsworth, or Frampton; I would like to be Warren Haynes someday. But you treated me the same way you treated them, and I am just a guy who loves playing guitar everyday for no more than my wife, kids, and a few unwilling neighbors. The guitar you sold me means more to me than just an instrument, it attaches me to some of your memories, and is making some of mine. Our mutual friends also tie into the legacy of this friendship. A small world it is, but a nicer place as a result of what you do, not only for the big shots, but the average guy who just likes to play. Good health to you, and all the success that you deserve!" - Rick Sousa

"I came across Cliff when he had one of the most amazing guitars for sale. While going through the sales process I was treated as though I was a long time valued customer, making me feel special. I will surely do more business in the future - Best wishes for the future of DestroyAllGuitars" - Barrie Eames (U.K.)

"In the short time I have known Cliff, it has quickly become apparent that he has a special passion for helping players both professional and recreational connect with gifted luthiers and amp builders. The stable of brands he is assembling is truly astonishing. Cliff has gone above and beyond in helping me realize my tonal nirvana. Thanks Cliff!" - Steve Hamill

"No doubt, Cliff is a gem of a human being in every way. DAG is a great source of happiness, even just for perusal. I could not give a higher recommendation! Thanks Cliff!!!" - Irreverent (gearpage user)

"Thanks Cliff for all of your assistance in finding my model for me. This guitar has been the answer to my quest for the ultimate instrument. Your expertise via several e-mails and follow-up telephone conversations was a valuable asset in my decision to purchase this guitar. I would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone looking for info on any of the fine line of guitars and amps you represent." - Charles Ruberry

"Cliff at DestroyAllGuitars is one of the most personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy people - not only in this business, but in general. He has guided me through the many superior products he represents and I am immensely satisfied with his recommendations. He took the time to match my style and needs with a Soloway guitar and Top Hat amplifier and I couldn't be happier." - Bob McCormick

"I really need to thank you Cliff. Not only is the guitar amazing but you really went out of your way to help match me up with the right model. Your customer service has gone beyond anything I would have expected from a dealer. Thanks for a great transaction." - Larry L.

"Cliff is the best. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is a valuable resource to anyone embarking on the journey to better tone and playability. He truly stands behind everything and everyone he represents. A rare individual." - 6120 (gearpage user)

"Cliff has been great to deal with - knowledgeable about the products and completely dedicated to making sure I ended up with exactly the amp I needed. Add to that the fact that he's got integrity about what he sells, and that he's funny, so who else would you deal with? I will definitely be ordering more gear from Destroy All Guitars!" - David Kelly

"Dealing with Cliff Cultreri and Destroy All Guitars has been one of the most pleasant gear experiences I have ever had. Cliff's vast experience and musician's ear are what sets him apart. He immediately is able to make valuable and insightful suggestions without ever applying any pressure. I found the experience to be more consultative than sales oriented. As a result, I consider Cliff a good friend and not just a salesman or source of good gear. Of course it helps that Destroy All Guitars carries some of the worlds finest lines!" - Scott L. Lerner

"I've never received better personal service regarding the purchase of a musical instrument. I believe your company 'DestroyAllGuitars' has set a new bench mark for others to follow." - Ron Wright

"Cliff was a great help with my VOS purchase. He's a guy that keeps the customer service coming way after the sale is done. Here's a guy who's on a mission to get the absolute best new guitars and amps into discerning player's hands. I'll be happy to do business with him again in the future." - John McCoy

"Destroy All Guitars is the only place I know where you can feel just as good making the purchase as you feel playing it!" - Sean Sforza

"Back in the 80's when Cliff was with Relativity, he signed my band Tribal Tech, and also helped us get our first three records released. He also really helped us in our first attempts at touring in the US. The music that I play isn't very commercial and I knew it was Cliff's appreciation for what we do that influenced him to help us, more than just trying to make money. Thanks Cliff!" - Scott Henderson

"No friggin' way this guitar is this good!!!!! It's not possible...and yet, I'm holding it in my hands... Cliff you told me I'd react this way, and after 18 years of guitars I thought...I'll love it, but I didn't realize I'd want it surgically stitched to my waist...slung low of course. So, to you my friend I say THANK YOU, and to everyone else I say....Take all your fancy top, master built, limited edition shit home....DESTROY ALL GUITARS is all about TONE!!!! Thanks again." - Chris Dozois