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Reeves Space Cowboy
Reeves Space Cowboy
Reeves Space Cowboy
Reeves Space Cowboy

Reeves Space Cowboy

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There's a new sheriff in town! Reeves Amplification proudly introduces the Space Cowboy.

Reeves Amplification's, KT77 loaded Space Cowboy delivers the most sought after clean and sweet singing overdriven tones reminiscent of those from the great blackface amps of the '60s and the near mythical SSS amps derived from them. From the most heartfelt soul and the truest grit of the finest Texas blues all the way to the dark side of the moon, this amp takes you there like none other before. Equally at home as a platform for your pedals, or soaring over the top with a push from its rear panel located adjustable boost, the Space Cowboy will take you from the most articulate, immaculate clean tones imaginable to singing and soaring lead tones that most players have spent a lifetime searching for, not to mention the fortunes spent along the way…. Well the news is good, the search is over, the Reeves Space Cowboy is here.

Destroy All Guitars could not possibly be more excited to be part of this project. We thank Bill Jansen for welcoming our opinions, ideas and advice in the design and creation of this amp.

"Huge thanks to Bill Jansen for designing and delivering the amp that I will personally be incorporating into my rig with the job of delivering what I feel are the ultimate clean tones which I’ve spent 40+ years searching for. Side by side, it makes my current “best clean” feel blanketed and muffled which boggles my mind. When the Reeves is off the other clean amps seem excellent, but turn the Reeves on and you’re introduced to a new level of clean, articulate tone that is dripping with soul and soaring with glorious harmonic note bloom driven by a level of responsiveness and touch sensitivity that raises the bar. There’s no going back!" - Cliff Cultreri


The Reeves Space Cowboy is an extension of their very successful Custom 50, widely acclaimed for its articulate note definition, high headroom and an exceptional clean tone.

The utilization of a two knob reverb, over a standard one knob, enables the user more control over the reverb's character and intensity.

The variable control on the back of the amplifier provides more flexibility in the amount of boost, from simply adding more dirt to a singing lead. Additionally, the boost can be turned on or off from the mini toggle switch on the back of the amp. Now, if the footswitch is lost, forgotten or broken, one is not stuck in either boost or non-boost mode.


- All-tube circuit
- Single channel operation
- Master volume control
- High and low inputs
- Treble, mid and bass controls
- Presence control
- Preamp control
- Adjustable lead boost control on rear panel
- 2 knob tube-driven reverb circuit with 3 spring long tank
- Dual mode foot switch for lead boost and reverb (included)
- Heyboer output and power transformers
- Hand wired turret board construction
- 50 watts via 2 KT-77 power tubes
- Fixed bias
- 3 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 12AT7 tubes
- Solid state rectifier
- Two 1/4" speaker jacks
- 4, 8, 16 ohm impedance switch
- 120v, 230v, 240v 50/60Hz voltage selector


- Space Cowboy 50W Head
- Black w/ White Piping
- 25-3/16" (width) x 10-7/8" (height) x 11-1/4" (depth)
- 42 lbs.
- $2,699.00