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Homestead HS50 Combo
Homestead HS50 Combo
Homestead HS50 Combo
Homestead HS50 Combo

Homestead HS50 Combo

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The Homestead HS50 is a single channel amp with HI and LO gain inputs. Gaining its popularity from both the release of Warren Haynes' Ashes and Dust album and the subsequent World Tour, the HS50 brought a full-bodied sound to the project. It has clean headroom and gives each note a well-defined sound. It has been referred to as "glassy" or "transparent" by players of all genres. The HS50 is great for any size venue, with no limits to where you can play due to its handy half power cut switch (from 50 to to 25 watts). Designed to be a scaled down version of the Homestead Hundred, the HS50 sounds great with a single coil or a humbucker. Once you play this amp and hear its magical tone, you’ll never want to play without it.

Homestead sets a new standard in guitar amplification, providing an astoundingly broad range of musical sounds, innovative audio controls, cabinet design, and superior reliability. Homestead amps are built from a combination of new old stock (n.o.s.) parts and incorporate Mercury Magnetics transformers, wound to their specs, and the highest quality components. Each amplifier is individually hand-crafted, and all electronic circuitry is hand-soldered and housed in an electro plated chassis.

Hand-built or home grown, however you want to say it, these amps are built 100% in the USA and according to feedback received from multiple professional musicians, these amps are the perfect combination of a Fender Tweed and a Marshall Plexi. How could you not love that! Incredibly touch sensitive and reactive, Homestead amps give players what they need and want, and it is all the result of a design that is intentional and simple. The bottom line? Unbelievable tone with a look that is as classic as it gets!

Homestead amps are bold, tasteful, and leave a lasting impression on any musician that plays them.


- Rated at 50 watts
- Uses 6L6 power tubes
- Controls: volume, treble, bass, reverb, master
- Indicators/switches: pilot light, standby switch, half/full power switch
- Pull switches: bass cut, mid boost, bright
- Two 10" Celestion V-30 60 watt speakers in the combo version
- Combo dimensions: 24.5" l x 9" w x 18.5" h
- Available in signature Country Western Brown, as well as Green, Blue, or Red Tolex
- Cabinets are 3/4 inch, solid pine, with lock-joint corners for durability
- Baffle boards are 1/2 inch birch plywood