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Homestead BF25 Combo
Homestead BF25 Combo
Homestead BF25 Combo
Homestead BF25 Combo

Homestead BF25 Combo

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Named for the late Brian Farmer, the BF25 is a compact, versatile workhorse with enormous musical capabilities. The BF25 is ideal for rehearsals and small-club gigs, and a line-level preamp output makes it a guitarist’s dream tool in the recording studio.

Initially designed to take on a tour bus, the BF25 turned into something much more. It is comfortable anywhere from an arena stage to small club or in your living room. It is an American "root amp." Think Fullerton tones with a more desirable break up. Most recently used by Bob Weir on his western album. This workhorse does it all - recording or touring; it is a musician’s favorite.

Homestead sets a new standard in guitar amplification, providing an astoundingly broad range of musical sounds, innovative audio controls, cabinet design, and superior reliability. Homestead amps are built from a combination of new old stock (n.o.s.) parts and incorporate Mercury Magnetics transformers, wound to their specs, and the highest quality components. Each amplifier is individually hand-crafted, and all electronic circuitry is hand-soldered and housed in an electro plated chassis.

Hand-built or home grown, however you want to say it, these amps are built 100% in the USA and according to feedback received from multiple professional musicians, these amps are the perfect combination of a Fender Tweed and a Marshall Plexi. How could you not love that! Incredibly touch sensitive and reactive, Homestead amps give players what they need and want, and it is all the result of a design that is intentional and simple. The bottom line? Unbelievable tone with a look that is as classic as it gets!

Homestead amps are bold, tasteful, and leave a lasting impression on any musician that plays them.


- Back panel: speaker and mid-boost footswitch jack, and a preamp out
- Uses 6L6 power tubes
- Inputs: HI and LO gain
- Controls:  treble, bass, reverb, volume, master volume
- Indicators/switches: ON/OFF switch, pilot light
- Pull/other switches: boost, bright
- Back panel: speaker and mid-boost footswitch jack, preamp out
- The boost function is operational by foot pedal
- Combo dimensions: 20.25" l x 9" w x 16" h
- Combo has one 10" Celestion V-30
- Available in signature Country Western Brown, as well as Green, Blue, or Red Tolex
- Cabinets are 3/4 inch, solid pine, with lock-joint corners for durability
- Baffle boards are 1/2 inch birch plywood