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BRBS 100 Deluxe
BRBS 100 Deluxe
BRBS 100 Deluxe

BRBS 100 Deluxe

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The BRBS 100 Deluxe represents the pinnacle of BRBS tube technology, an uncompromising vision of the rock sound!

The product presents itself as a "vintage correct" alternative to the BRBS 100 Standard, and although it presents remarkable similarities from the point of view of the format and structure of the preamp, it offers more raw sounds, without any timbre and constructive compromises.

Made on PCB specifically designed for this purpose (2mm thickness, 70 uM copper thickness, optimized layout) with components selected for best performance; capacitors not easily found and selected one by one using critical parameters, highest quality resistors, selected very high quality hardware, output transformer with grain oriented lamination of the correct "British vintage size" (column 38.1mm; notch type).

With 2 independent channels, and additional gain control switches, this amplifier turns out to be almost 3 channels:
- The CLEAN channel is always clean, yet presents a typically British tone and slight compression for an extremely balanced sound suitable for various uses - always perfect both on arpeggios and rock rhythms and even when used with external overdrive pedals.
- The OVERDRIVE channel represents the rock sound par excellence that you've always heard on records but have never found in any amp - super dynamic, warm or aggressive depending on the guitarist's touch, an unmistakable sound for an unprecedented experience. Two gain levels (Crunch and Lead) are possible, selectable on the panel or by linking the activation of the Lead mode to the double master volume.
- A DOUBLE MASTER VOLUME on the overdrive channel allows you to set two volume levels for rhythm and solo, making the use of the amp simple and effective. This control can be linked to the activation of the Lead mode of the overdrive channel, making the amplifier effectively 3 channel.

- Power: 100 watts
- Controls: Presence, Depth, Damping
- Valves: 4 x EL34 Svetlana Winged C

- Channels: 2, with equalization and completely separate volumes, double master volume on the overdrive channel
- Tubes: 6 x 12AX7

- Effects loop: series and parallel all tube loop with mix control
- Pedals: standard footwitch
- Dimensions: 63.5 x 23.5 x 23.5 cm
- Weight: 21 kg

- There is a version of the BRBS 100 Deluxe with all the features of the Vintage Class 3+ for $4,700.00

- Custom color/type of tolex: +$100
- Added midi controls: +$175 (if not standard)
- Reactive load + DI output: +$275 (if not standard)
- 6L6 tubes instead of EL34: +$75

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