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BRBS Classic Rock
BRBS Classic Rock
BRBS Classic Rock
BRBS Classic Rock

BRBS Classic Rock

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If you're seeking the iconic sounds that made rock history in a versatile and perfectly designed boutique product, the Classic Rock is the best electric guitar valve amp head ever.

The word boutique perfectly represents the essence of the BRBS Classic Rock – from the design to the handmade point-to-point construction, from selecting the best hi-end components to designing the cabinet with exclusive well-refined details, at every stage, BRBS guarantees the highest quality.

Without hissing and buzzing, the Classic Rock enhances all the harmonics which characterise great valve amps at every volume. Three independent channels, boost control, a series/parallel effect loop, and MIDI control (on request) offer endless possibility of using the pure tube tone.

The Clean channel gives clear and crystalline sounds at low gain levels; through the gain potentiometer it can however reach the classic Plexi style sound.

The Crunch channel is perfect for the rocker who doesn't want to compromise; defined, full-bodied, sharp right to the point, even "arrogant", it exalts the qualities of your playing, giving splendid sounds from rock / blues to the most aggressive hard rock. All the tones that have become classic in the history of rock are available, without compromise and with a flavour of the best JMPs of the late '70s.

The Lead channel is what the rock lovers have always wanted but never found, a sound with crunchy tone and dynamics combined with a high level of distortion; angry but always refined, the perfect sound for the star performer.

The Bright control on the front panel allows you to modify the response at high frequencies to your liking.

- Power: 50 watts
- Controls: Presence, Solo boost control that can be activated by pedal to increase the overall volume of the amplifier
- Valves: 2 x EL34 (or 6L6, KT66, KT88, 6550 on request)

- Channels: 3 channels (clean, crunch, and lead) featuring independent volume and gain controls, 3-band equaliser (shared)
- Controls: Bright control common to all channels for brighter or softer sounds (also available on request with Bright on the clean channel only). Channel control from panel and MIDI via single lever switch (the control allows you to select the channels in sequence for each action and it allows to memorize the desired channel simply by keeping the switch pressed).
- Valves: 5 x 12AX7

- Construction: point-to-point construction on turret boards
- Effects loop: serial and parallel loop with mix control
- Pedals: standard footswitch (or MIDI on request)
- Dimensions: 67 x 23 x 21 cm
- Weight: 17 kg

- Custom color/type of tolex: +$100
- Added midi controls: +$175 (if not standard)
- Reactive load + DI output: +$275 (if not standard)
- 6L6 tubes instead of EL34: +$75

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