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BRBS Vintage Class
BRBS Vintage Class
BRBS Vintage Class
BRBS Vintage Class

BRBS Vintage Class

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This small and elegant boutique tube amplifier is intended for those looking for quality sound with flexibility, adaptability to pedals and total reliability in a compact and handy format.

Nothing has been overlooked in the realization: the transformers, the mechanical parts, the components are the same as those used in the other BRBS amplifiers, and the circuitry has been optimized for only two channels with absolute class sounds. In the power amp section EL34 valves were chosen as standard, to obtain a more vintage-rock tone in full British style.

In its simplicity, the Vintage Class does not leave out anything that can be useful to a professional; 2 switchable channels, sound from crystal clear to the bloodiest rock, a high quality effects loop adaptable to any pedal or multi-effect, speaker outputs for each existing diffuser, all inserted in a comfortable elegant case, small in size and with a vintage flavor.

The three-position Bright control on the Clean channel allows you to choose between two harmonic emphasis modes, and a position in which the bright is off; so we go from darker and warmer sounds to crystalline sounds with extreme harmonics, very funky, up to sounds richer in medium highs, more incisive and tending to break up if you go up with the gain.

The effect of the Bright control decreases with increasing gain level; with high gain levels a soft and bluesy crunch is obtained, which if necessary can be externally boosted to obtain a rock-blues-style sound.

By design, the power has been set at 50 watts - more than enough for professional use even on large stages.

BRBS Vintage Class is fully customizable to meet the needs of the performing musician.

- Power: 50 watts
- Controls: global Presence and Depth control, master volume (on request)
- Tubes: 2 x EL34

- Channels: Clean and Overdrive with separate gain and volume and 3-band equalization in common. Double master volume / double gain on the Overdrive channel or global boost only control (on request).
- Controls: Bright with three positions, Gain Boost (active only on the Overdrive channel), assignable to the second master or Boost only in the sections on request.
- Tubes: 4 x 12ax7

- Effects loop: serial loop
- Footswitch: channel control with dedicated pedal
- Dimensions: 47.5 x 23 x 21 cm
- Weight: 12 kg

- Custom color/type of tolex: +$100
- Added midi controls: +$175 (if not standard)
- Reactive load + DI output: +$275 (if not standard)
- 6L6 tubes instead of EL34: +$75

(30 days to delivery from order)