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BRBS Vintage Class 3+
BRBS Vintage Class 3+
BRBS Vintage Class 3+
BRBS Vintage Class 3+
BRBS Vintage Class 3+
BRBS Vintage Class 3+

BRBS Vintage Class 3+

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In Cliff's words:
"Ladies and Gentlemen what we have here is one of the greatest landmark amps of all time, the BRBS Vintage Class 3+. Its clean channel rings out an absolutely GLORIOUS tone and with a touch of reverb added it will take you beyond the luscious Blackface tones of the mid '60s. Its Crunch and Lead channels will take you to new heights of euphoria. For a small box amp it is packed with all the features you need for both the stage and studio. This amp has it all especially when it comes to TONE and it is priced to sell."

Developed from the standard Vintage Class MKII model, the BRBS Vintage Class 3+ has all the additional features most requested by guitarists.

Equipped with a third channel with an additional 12AX7, it achieves the High Gain distortion levels already obtainable on the BRBS 100 and 100 Deluxe.

Of course, there are the Clean and Crunch channels without compromise, identical to the Vintage Class MKII model.

This small and elegant boutique tube amplifier is intended for those looking for quality sound with flexibility, adaptability to pedals and total reliability in a compact and handy format.

Nothing has been overlooked in the realization; the transformers, the mechanical parts, the components are the same used in the other BRBS amplifiers, and the circuitry has been optimized for three channels with absolute class sounds. In the power amp section EL34 valves were chosen as standard, to obtain a more vintage-rock tone in full British style.

Another feature extremely requested by customers, and that this latest model naturally presents, is an internal reactive load section (reactive dummy load) which can be activated as an alternative to the use of the normal cabinet outputs, combined with a very useful section of totally analog cabinet emulation, with transformer isolated DI output XLR. Upon request, it is possible to insert a switch to disable cabinet emulation so that the D.I. can be used with external impulse response.

The channel switching can be done via MIDI and also through a dedicated intelligent pedal (included).

- Clean Channel: gain volume, full EQ stack, volume, and variable solo boost
- Crunch Channel: gain volume, hot or normal mode, full EQ, volume, vintage or modern voice, and variable solo boost
- Lead Channel: gain volume, full EQ, volume, vintage or modern voice, and variable solo boost
- The rear has a buffered Loop, footswitch in, midi in, presence control, depth control, 4ohm, 8ohm & 16ohm outputs, emulated out with level control, reactive load on/off, emulated speaker on/off

- Power: 50 watts
- Controls: Presence and Depth
- Reactive Load: activated via rear switch, built-in speaker emulation always active (even using normal cabinet outputs)
- Tubes: 2 x EL34

- Channels: Clean, Crunch and Lead with separate gain and volume, 3-band equalization in common, Solo Boost control
- Controls: Bright (on clean), Gain Boost (active only on the Crunch channel), OD Voice switch (active on distortion), for sounds from Vintage to modern / scooped
- Tubes: 5 x 12ax7

- Effects loop: serial loop
- Footswitch: channel control with dedicated pedal (included) and MIDI
- Dimensions: 47.5 x 23 x 21 cm
- Weight: 13 kg

- Custom color/type of tolex: +$100
- Added midi controls: +$175 (if not standard)
- Reactive load + DI output: +$275 (if not standard)
- 6L6 tubes instead of EL34: +$75

(30 days to delivery from order)